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Joint supplements for dogs, making movement a bit easier.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Joint supplements are often suggested by your vet to use alone or in combination with prescription medications. They are recommended in dogs with the onset of arthritis or those with a high chance of developing it. The aim is to slow the progression of arthritis and reduce the pain caused by it. It is best to start the supplements sooner rather than later.

See my blog on arthritis for more information.

I have tried and tested this joint supplement on my own elderly dog and was very impressed with it. Over a period of about 6 weeks I could see an improvement in my dogs mobility and demeanour.

Yumove Plus is a joint supplement clinically proven to work within 6 weeks. It is designed for stiffer older dogs needing extra joint support. It is tablet form and can be given as a treat or with food.

This natural product is ideal to use alone or in combination with many prescription drugs (always check with your vet). I advise their use when dogs are starting to show even the mildest symptoms of joint disease to help slow progression and protect the joints. I would advise their use if your dog has arthritis, abnormal joints such as hip dysplasia, cruciate disease or even has had fracture repairs where the chances of development of arthritis at the fracture site is increased.

It contains ingredients specific for joint care including

-Green lipped muscle, a concentrated source of Omega 3 fatty acids to sooth stiff joints

-Glucosoamine, which is a major building block of cartilage within joints

-Manganese, to support cartilage, tendons and ligaments by ensuring collagen formation.

-Hyaluronic Acid, to aid lubrication of joints.

-Vitamin C and E, to neutralise free radicals

I have had a lot of positive feed back from clients using this product.

'We give Yumove to our senior dog every day, he takes them as treats and we can see a good improvement with his joints, he is a lot more active on his walks now'. -Ted's owner

"Layla advised we gave these a go after our dog had surgery on his knee, its reassuring we are doing everything we can to preserve this joint" -Milo's owner

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