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Katalax -helps to eliminate hairballs

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

In my 15years experience as a vet I have always turned to Katalax when simple hairballs have been a problem.

Katalax is a palatable paste made up of soft white paraffin , cod liver wild and malt extract. Its aim is to help the movement and elimination of hairballs in cats.

Cats love to keep themselves clean but this means they can swallow their fur while doing so. Hairballs form as the hair becomes matted together in the stomach. Fur can't be broken down by digestion so these hair balls are either passed in faeces or vomited up. Sometimes they can cause irritation to the cat and the aim of Katalax is to lubricate the movement of the hairball aiding in elimination. They tend to be more common in long haired cats.

Hairballs can at times cause serious problems in cats such as blockages and veterinary advise must be sought. To help reduce their occurrence try daily brushing, hairball diet and Katalax.

An inch of the paste can be put in food or the cats paw for them to lick off one - two times daily.

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