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Pro-Kolin Advanced... Maintains digestive efficiency...helps diarrhoea.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Perfect for mild cases of diarrhoea where your dog is not unwell and the episode of diarrhoea is short lived. I have been using Protexin, pro-kolin for years and have always had great results.

Maybe your dog has eaten some human food it shouldn't or has been a bit stressed with move of home or you have changed food abruptly and this has triggered a touch of the runs. This paste is designed to help firm and bind the faeces and resolve mild cases of diarrhoea. It is also available in formulations for cats.

I recommend Pro-kolin Advance probably on a daily basis at work. If an owner contacts me saying their dog has soft faeces/ diarrhoea which is new and the dog is still bright and otherwise fine I recommend trying this before booking in for a consultation. I always had a syringe in my cupboard for my dog millie just in case she had a dodgy tummy.

It is a supplement containing prebiotics, microorganisms and binding agents. It has both absorbing and soothing qualities.

It is administered twice daily into the mouth via an easy to use syringe over 3 days.

If after use your dogs symptoms have not resolved or your dog becomes unwell contact your vet. If your pet is suffering from other symptoms or is unwell in their self , such as vomiting, lethargy etc it is very important to contact your vet to discuss rather than OTC treatments.

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