Do you have movie night planned with your pup? This take away collection is the perfect accompaniment to a movie night in cuddled up on the sofa. Your pooch can be just like you and treat themselves to a bit of indulgence. With a pint of beer, takeaway pizza and hotdog and a pouch of popcorn...what more could they want!



Pack contains : 1 pint, 2 pizza, 1 hotdog, 1 party ring and a small pouch of popcorn


The all natural ingredients: Chickpea flour, Dog safe peanut butter, Dog friendly icing, dog friendly popcorn. 

This is a complementary food and should not replace a complete dog food. 




Since our treats contain no nasty additives or preservatives they should be removed from all packaging and stored in an airtight container, in a cool dry place for upto 2 weeks. 


Due to the icing being dog friendly and sugar free, cracks or imperfections may appear in the icing at times. 

Movie Night Treat Pack